You're in the process of getting divorced. It's taking a while, and you want to make sure you avoid any big mistakes during the case.

That's smart, and here are five things to start with. Don't do them until the divorce gets finalized.

1. Sending Text Messages

You must understand that text messages are being used as evidence in divorce cases more and more every year. Even something you think is innocent could be used against you. Be very careful.

2. Using Social Media

The same thing is true with social media. Every picture you post on Instagram and every status you write on Facebook could wind up in court. Think about that before posting. Definitely try to keep anything about your divorce off of social media.

3. Snooping Into Your Spouse's Life

Think that reading someone else's email messages is fine? One man learned that his wife was having an affair by reading her emails. As a result, he wound up with felony charges. Other types of snooping, like installing malicious software on a computer or a phone, could also result in serious charges. Don't assume you can do anything you want just because you're married.

4. Going on Dates

Some people start dating during the separation, before the divorce is final. Experts warn that this can compromise your position in certain regards. For instance, will it make it less likely that you'll get custody if the court thinks you're constantly out on dates and you won't be there for the kids?

Spending Unnecessary Money

Excessive spending right before divorce can make it appear that you're attempting to waste money so that your spouse gets less when assets are divided. The court may then give you a smaller share of the remaining assets to compensate, even if that was never your intention.

As you can see, it's important to consider your actions very carefully when getting divorced. Make sure you know how anything you do can impact your case.