Your daughter goes on a field trip to a petting zoo. They hand out small buckets of food for the kids to give to the goats. While she's feeding them, one of the goats bites her hand.

Or, perhaps your son goes on a field trip to an amusement park. The Ferris Wheel malfunctions and he's thrown from the ride. He breaks an arm and you meet him at the hospital.

Field trips can be fun and educational, but they can also be dangerous. Who is liable in a situation like this? Remember that multiple parties could be liable.

A Safe Environment

First and foremost, the company -- a petting zoo or an amusement park, in the examples above -- may be liable if they did not provide a safe environment. Maybe the Ferris Wheel hadn't been cleaned and maintained all year. Perhaps there were red flags warning that it was about to break, but they kept using it to keep profits rolling in. Guests have a right to safety and the company could be liable if it is negligent in that duty.

A Waiver

It is worth noting that children and parents may have signed a waiver. This basically means the company isn't liable for injuries that occur in the natural course of using the space. In some cases, though, these can't be enforced. If the company was clearly negligent and/or reckless, the waiver may not matter because you signed the waiver believing they'd do a better job at providing a safe space.


Finally, the school could also bear some of the responsibility for the injury. Adults were supposed to watch the kids and keep them safe. If it turns out that none of the teachers were paying any attention to the child or even did something negligent to increase the danger, that could play into the case.

Fighting for Compensation

When a child gets injured, it's very important for the parents to know all of their legal options.