Fan Injured at Beyonce Concert Sues

You know concerts are risky. You love punk rock, but that style of music often brings with it mosh pits, crowd surfing and even the Wall of Death. Crowds are lively and chaotic and you could certainly be injured.

If you are, can you start a lawsuit? Or do you just have to know and accept the risks when you buy that ticket? The answer may surprise you.

An Example

Every case is different, but there are certainly cases where you can seek compensation if negligence was involved. This could even come from the venue. You have a right to be safe and injury-free at a concert.

For example, one young woman went to see the band Brand New. This was in 2016, at the Riot Fest in Chicago. She watched Jesse Lacey and company play, standing a few hundred feet away.

Near her, a man decided to go crowd surfing. He made some progress, but the crowd eventually dropped him, and he fell right on top of the girl. The impact broke her leg.

The girl had not been part of the crowd surfing incident and had just been trying to watch the band. After she was injured, she decided to sue. Her reasoning was simple: The venue was negligent. They should have known that the crowd would get out of control and they should have hired enough security people to stop dangerous activities. They didn't do so, and therefore the accident really stemmed from that negligence.

Seeking Compensation

As with many injury cases, negligence is the key. It could mean your rights were not respected. No one wanted to hurt you, but no one did enough to protect you, either, despite the duty to do so. When this happens, you need to know your legal rights.