Personal Injury Tips for Your Car Accident Case

You love jogging. It helps burn off the excess energy from your desk job. It keeps you in shape. You sign up for a handful of races every year to satisfy your competitive side.

All in all, you wind up running for hundreds of miles every year, most of them on sidewalks and on the roads. Even if you're careful, that's a lot of potential risk. Joggers are hit and killed every year. Below are five tips that can help you stay safe.

Assume No One Can See You

You may have the right of way at an intersection. Many joggers just run out into traffic, assuming all drivers have spotted them. The reality is that many drivers never look for joggers. Assume no one can see you and cross when you know it's safe.

Wear Bright Colors

Black and gray blend in with the road and the sidewalk. Wear red, yellow, orange or pink instead. Consider clothes with reflectors. Give drivers everything they need to see you on the side of the road.

Watch Out for Tired Drivers

Many people only have time to jog very early in the morning or late at night. Watch out for drowsy drivers, who are more likely at those hours. Even nodding off for a split second can be enough to send the car onto the shoulder.

Turn Off the Music

Most joggers listen to music while they run. As common as this is, and as much as it helps pass the time or pump you up, there's also an increased risk because you can't hear cars, horns and other warning signs from traffic around you.

Signal to Drivers

If you're turning, signal with your hand to tell drivers what you're planning. If you think a driver has stopped and is waiting for you to cross the road, make eye contact and politely wave to make sure.

After an Accident

These tips can certainly help, but they're not going to prevent all accidents. If you're hit, be sure you know your potential rights to financial compensation for lost wages, medical bills and more.