Serious car accidents are far more than just a single collision. There are actually three separate events that all take place within a split second. Each one can lead to serious costs, and the severity of each varies from accident to accident.

The Car Crash

The first collision is the car accident itself. The vehicle hits another car, a stationary object, a pedestrian or something else entirely. This crash causes damage to the vehicle itself and leads to the other collisions. In some senses, it is the most minor, but it's also the triggering event.

The Human Crash

The second collision is the one between the people inside the car and a stationary object. An outside force is all that slows your body down. At the moment of impact, if the car was going 60 MPH, your body is still going 60 MPH, even as the car slows around it. If the people inside are wearing seat belts, they collide with those belts and slow down as well. They will also strike the dash, the steering wheel, the back of a front seat, or even other passengers. Those without belts can be ejected.

The Internal Crash

Finally, there is an internal collision between soft organs and other body parts. For instance, you get a concussion when your brain moves forward and slams into the inner wall of your skull, bruising the brain. There may be no external damage, but extensive internal damage and bleeding are still possible.

Medical Costs

After an accident, it's very important to consider all three collisions and the ramifications. While those driving by may see an expensive wreck with a smashed vehicle, those inside may actually see far higher costs from the second and third collision, leading to soaring medical bills. You need to know your rights to compensation for all three crashes.