Weird Laws

People often assume they'll never face criminal charges. You probably think you follow the law and you're generally a good person. That may very well be true, but that doesn't mean you'll never get arrested.

For example, here are five incredible reasons why people have faced charges or been arrested. Some of them may be things you've already done.

1. Refusing to Return a Football

Neighbor kids were playing with a football, which kept flying into the yard of an 88-year-old grandmother. After this had happened repeatedly, she just took the ball and kept it. The police arrived and she faced theft charges.

2. Cutting Steak with a Steak Knife

An elementary student had leftover steak for lunch. She brought it to the cafeteria with her. She naturally packed herself a steak knife to cut it. She wound up facing felony weapons charges and getting a 10-day suspension.

3. Having a Food Fight

You know how, when you were a kid, you always loved those food fight scenes in the movies? Well, dozens of students engaged in a food fight in Chicago and they were all arrested. They wound up spending hours at the police station.

4. Reading a Cheating Spouse's Email

A man thought his spouse was cheating on him, so he decided to read some of her emails. He found out he was right; she was having an affair. Unfortunately for him, reading those messages got him felony charges and he wound up behind bars for five years.

5. Dropping Some Cake

Anyone with children knows they drop a lot of food. A high school student dropped some cake and didn't clean up the mess. The security guard on duty at her school opted to arrest her. It gets worse. While doing so, the security guard broke her arm.

What Now?

As you can see, it sometimes takes far less than you'd expect to get arrested. If this happens to you, make sure you know your legal options.