Living with a brain injury can be difficult. Even after healing, those affected may have mood swings, memory problems and other cognitive issues that they need to battle every day of their lives.

While every brain injury is different, here are five tips that many people find very helpful.

1. Use Timers to Track Tasks

Finding it hard to track time can be infuriating because your daily structure is constantly thrown off. Using a timer, even for simple tasks, can give it back.

2. Use Calendars

For more big-picture planning, always take notes and use calendars. Check them every morning and add to them when any new task or activity is introduced.

3. Keep Things in Consistent Locations

For instance, one woman said the yogurt got moved to a new location in her fridge. Her husband suffered a brain injury, and changes like that are very difficult for him. He went on for days believing they'd run out of yogurt, when it was really just sitting on a new shelf the whole time.

4. Find a Safe Space

Sometimes, those with TBIs feel overwhelmed by noise, stress and commotion. It's good to have one room in the home, like an office or a den, where that person can quickly go for alone time when needed.

5. Use Pill Sorters for Medications

Many people have to take medications every day for the rest of their lives. Any mistake can be dangerous and even fatal. That's why using a pill sorter is wise. It has boxes for every day, and often for multiple times of the day. If it gets filled up at the beginning of the week, it's easy to tell exactly what medications have already been taken and what ones are still needed.

Financial Compensation

Living with a brain injury can be emotionally challenging and financially draining. It's very important for those who have been injured to know all of their legal rights.