It's easy to understand the dangers behind specific products, from automobiles to chainsaws to steak knives. However, the reality is that people are injured and even killed every year by products most people think of as generally safe.

To help you better understand the risks, take a look at seven dangerous products and the statistics that prove it.

The Products

  • Shoes. Ankle injuries are most common. Annually, there are 101,077 injuries linked back to footwear.
  • Fences. While fences can prevent some injuries -- such as when they're used around pools -- they also lead to 98,679 injuries annually. Many are puntures and crushing incidents. At the same time, 35 people pass away as the result of their injuries.
  • Glass containers. Don't underestimate shards of broken glass. They lead to seven deaths and 108,331 annual injuries. Some occur in the home, while others happen outside -- such as when you're walking in your bare feet on the beach and come across smashed alcohol containers.
  • Tools for the garden. Working on the garden or the yard isn't peaceful and relaxing for the 122,951 people who are hurt every year. A full 83 people are kiled, and this statistic does not even take into account injuries and deaths linked to lawnmowers.
  • Power tools. That new jigsaw could be a more dangerous birthday present than anyone realized. Power tools lead to 196,361 injuries and 33 deaths, on average.
  • Hand tools. Thinking you can avoid the risk by avoiding power tools? Standard hand tools, like hammers, cause 245,120 injuries and 34 deaths.
  • Beds. Staying in bed doesn't keep you safe, either, as beds were linked to 406,817 injuries and 274 deaths. It's worth noting that most of the fatal incidents involved bunk beds.

Unsafe Products and Compensation

When injuries are caused by an unsafe product that was poorly designed or manufactured, those who are hurt may have a right to financial compensation.