Injuries happen for numerous reasons all over America. Car accidents. Medical malpractice. Sports accidents. Boating incidents. Workplace injuries. The list is nearly endless.

That does not mean that all people see the same risks in every state, though. Looking at national numbers gives you the overall picture, but what about the risks for you specifically? What types of injuries happen most in your state? For instance, did you know that people in Tennessee are injured 1.6 times more often in car accidents than the average rate nationally? Your odds of being hurt in a car crash are simply much higher if you live in Tennessee, and it's absolutely worth being aware of that.

All 50 States

To help you see what injuries are reported to medical professionals most often, here are the leaders from all 50 states in the country:

  • Alabama: Chest injury
  • Alaska: Sprained knee
  • Arizona: Car accident
  • Arkansas: Car accident
  • California: Car accident
  • Colorado: Suffocation
  • Connecticut: Sprained back
  • Delaware: Rotator cuff sprain
  • Florida: Head injury
  • Georgia: Car accident
  • Hawaii: Scrape
  • Idaho: Suffocation
  • Illinois: Facial injury
  • Indiana: Struck by object
  • Iowa: Arm injury
  • Kansas: Insect bite
  • Kentucky: Fall
  • Louisiana: Facial injury
  • Maine: Broken ankle
  • Maryland: Sprained hand
  • Massachusetts: Concussion
  • Michigan: Hand injury
  • Minnesota: Spine dislocation
  • Mississippi: Chest injury
  • Missouri: Animal bite
  • Montana: Sprained knee
  • Nebraska: Overexertion
  • Nevada: Suffocation
  • New Hampshire: Sprained knee
  • New Jersey: Sprained hand
  • New Mexico: Suffocation
  • New York: Knee injury
  • North Carolina: Insect bite
  • North Dakota: Overexertion
  • Ohio: Sprained back
  • Oklahoma: Rotator cuff sprain
  • Oregon: Sprained back
  • Pennsylvania: Chest injury
  • Rhode Island: Sprained neck
  • South Carolina: Chest injury
  • South Dakota: Spine dislocation
  • Tennessee: Car accident
  • Texas: Insect bite
  • Utah: Suffocation
  • Vermont: Spine dislocation
  • Virginia: Insect bite
  • Washington: Spine dislocation
  • West Virginia: Back injury
  • Wisconsin: Spine dislocation
  • Wyoming: Suffocation

It is worth noting that this data came from health insurance claims records. Medical codes are used to denote how accidents occurred, and that's how these statistics can be tracked.

Financial Compensation

No matter where you live or how you got injured, it may be wise to look into your rights to financial compensation.