You got married on Jan. 1, 2005. It was a wonderful day, and you have the pictures to prove it. Are you likely to still be married? In 2018, has your marriage stood the test of time and lasted for more than a decade?

Probably not. When looking at the average length of a marriage in the United States, you will find that it clocks in at just 8.2 years. If you are exactly average, you probably got divorced a few years ago. By now, you may even be married for the second time.

Not All Areas Are Equal

While 8.2 years is the national average, looking at things on a more local level shows you that some areas are outliers. For instance, in New York City, the average is far higher: 12.2 years. While some may think that the big city lifestyle would cater to more divorces and multiple marriages, the reality is that those in the Big Apple actually stay together for about four years longer -- nearly 50 percent longer -- than most Americans.

International Comparisons

Perhaps you are wondering how America stacks up against the rest of the world. Do we stay married longer or do we break things off faster than people in other countries? You'll find that it goes both ways, depending on where you draw the comparisons.

For instance, the average length of a marriage for couples in Sydney, Australia, is 12 years exactly. Sydney is in many ways to Australia what New York City is to the United States, and it boasts a very similar rate as a result. In Rome, however, the average marriage lasts for 18 years. That's six more years than New York and more than twice as long as America's national average. The opposite is true in Doha, Qatar, where the average marriage ends after just 5.5 years. In a decade, many couples could be nearly done with two marriages.

Divorce and You

No matter where you live, statistics show that your marriage could end far before you assumed it would on your wedding day. When divorce is on the horizon, you need to know your legal rights.