Smartphones are lethal. They're an incredible distraction for drivers across the United States. In fact, after watching fatal accident statistics fall for around 50 years, they finally started going up again in 2014. This rise over the recent years, which is outpacing safety innovations, is largely attributed to distraction and cellphones.

Now, one transportation expert is claiming to have the answer, and it's very simple: autonomous vehicles.

Self-Driving Cars

The movement toward autonomous vehicles, often referred to as self-driving cars, has been going on for years. Extensive testing has been done. The cars are not yet available to the pubic, though some driver-assistance software packages provide somewhat similar features. Still, experts believe that the change is coming in developed countries, though it will take longer to spread around the world.

There are many potential upsides. These cars should reduce drunk driving accidents, for instance, especially when smartphone apps allow people to remotely call a driverless taxi. They can cut back on highway emissions. They can reduce traffic congestion.

One of the biggest upsides, though, is that distracted driving will be a thing of the past. In a truly autonomous vehicle, people can browse the Internet, send text messages, watch movies, read books and even play video games. The driving experience will never be the same, because the removal of driving itself frees people up to do whatever they want.

After all, as the fatal accident statistics show, they're already doing whatever they want. They're just trying to drive at the same time.

Distracted Accidents

Right now, with self-driving cars not yet on the market, distracted driving and drunk driving still cause a lot of daily accidents. If you get injured in a crash, investigating possible legal vehicles for compensation will be essential.