Hospital Injuries

When you check into a hospital, you expect world-class care. You expect, within reason, to recover from your injuries. The reality, though, is that many patients get injured in the hospital. The injury and disease rates are so bad that hundreds of hospitals are essentially getting fined.

Financial Ramifications

The financial impact comes from the federal government, which provides Medicare funding. These payments were cut at 751 hospitals after an investigation revealed too many patient injuries and infections. Not all hospitals were evaluated, but those that were sometimes failed at a spectacular rate.

For instance, Delaware and Connecticut saw the highest frequency of fines. Roughly 50 percent of the hospitals that were evaluated in the state did not pass and got fined. Nevada and New York were not much better, with fines going to 40 percent of the hospitals. In Georgia and Rhode Island, about 33 percent saw fines.


It's also worth noting that numerous hospitals were exempt from the process, such as those that provide medical services to veterans, psychiatric patients or children. Other hospitals were not fined if there were no other medical institutions around, making them "critical access" hospitals. Since the fines did not apply in these cases, the statistics do not necessarily show the full percentages that could have been reached if every center was included and evaluated.

Injury Compensation

Even without these medical centers in the total count, what is clear is that injuries in hospitals are very common, as are infections in those who get released. These issues can cause long-lasting problems, they may necessitate additional care and they can lead to avoidable complications.

All of this grows costly. It's very important for those who suffer from these injuries and infections to know all of the legal options they have.