You get burned at work when a hot water pipe bursts and scalds your leg. Or you get burned in a car accident when your vehicle catches on fire. Or perhaps you are staying in a hotel when an exposed wire causes an electrical burn on your hand.

It's more than a mild burn, like a sunburn. You have blisteres on the damaged skin. The areas that are not blistered are angry and red. You have a partial-thickness burn, which reaches down past that first protective layer of skin and causes serious tissue damage. You're in pain and you need medical treatment.

Healing Times

After getting treatment, you start wondering about healing times. After all, you cannot work. You're losing wages. Medical bills keep pouring in. You have such bad pain and discomfort that you have trouble sleeping. How long are you going to deal with this?

Every case is different, but medical experts note that most partical-thickness burns do not last more than two weeks. Many heal in just 10 days.

The size of the burn makes a difference as well, even if the severity is the same over the entire affected area. If it's very large, you may be looking at a healing time between 21 days and 28 days.

Even after the skin heals and the pain has faded, your skin may still be red or pink for a long time. Some burns do leave scars. If the burn gets infected, that both increases the healing time and increases the odds that you will scar.

Again, these are fairly loose guidelines. It depends on the severity, the size and how quickly you got medical treatment. It also depends on how you continued to treat the area long after visiting the hospital. Follow all of your doctor's instructions for the fastest healing times.

Seeking Compensation

With treatment, emergency medical costs and lost wages, you could find yourself looking at serious financial damages. Arm yourself with knowledge of your legal rights.