Weird Summer Laws

People tend to think of winter as the most dangerous season to drive, especially in northern states where they face issues like snow, ice, sleet and hail. Even rain in warmer states can be an issue, especially when temperatures dip at night and turn the roads to ice.

While these dangers are real, do not make the mistake of assuming that summer is safe. You still face plenty of risks and dangers. They're just different.

Road Construction

One potential issue is road construction. Crews work hard in the warmer months to get everything fixed. That leads to road construction, traffic jams, backups and accidents. Every year, about 700 people die in these accidents.

Teen Drivers

With school out, the number of teen drivers on the road soars. These are very inexperienced drivers, and they often have the highest accident and fatality rates. Related deaths increase by 38 percent during the summer.


While heat may not be as dangerous as snow and ice, it can lead to tire blowouts. When a tire goes out unexpectedly at 75 miles per hour, that can absolutely lead to an accident. Drivers must check their tires frequently or invest in cars with monitoring systems.

Extra Traffic

Overall traffic totals go up in the summer. People are out on vacation and taking road trips. Motorcyclists and cyclists, who may have largely stayed off the roads for months, come back in force. More people walk and so pedestrian traffic also goes up. The more people there are on the road, the easier it is for a crash to occur.

Your Options After an Accident

As you can see, summer brings some unique risks to drivers all over the country. If you get hurt in a crash this summer, make sure you know about all of your potential rights to financial compensation.