3 Common Personal Injury Mistakes

Car accidents often get chalked up to bad luck or a simple mistake. However, regarding them this way sometimes makes people feel like there is nothing they can do to avoid accidents and reduce the overall amount of wrecks per year. By looking at the root causes, it helps put things in perspective.

To help, here are four major causes of car accidents, along with steps drivers can take to reduce the odds of being involved.

Drunk Driving: 32 Percent of Accidents

Never drive after you have consumed alcohol. Remember that many DUI accidents happen late at night. For sober drivers, staying off the roads after dark may help.

Speeding: 31 Percent of Accidents

Always obey the speed limit. Some speeding is accidental, so always keep an eye out for speed limit signs, as limits can drop in a hurry -- such as when you enter a school zone. Avoiding other speeding drivers can be difficult, but always keep your distance when you identify a high-risk driver.

Distractions: 16 Percent of Accidents

Turn your cellphone off when you get in the car. Remember, though, that cellphones are not the only distractions. Program the GPS and pick your radio station -- or the playlist off of your phone -- before leaving the driveway.

Bad Weather: 11 Percent of Accidents

Some bad weather really is unavoidable. If you live in Michigan and it snows all winter, you still have to drive to work. Just understand the limitations, slow down, be very careful on the roads and do not be afraid to stay home when it's just too dangerous to venture out.

Post-Accident Options

Has one of these factors contributed to a car accident that was also caused by another driver? If you were injured, make sure you understand all of your potential rights to financial compensation.