It is true that many injuries on the playground are relatively minor. Your daughter sprains an ankle or your son skins his knee. These aren't fun to deal with and can ruin a day of fun, but your children are going to heal quickly and be fine in the long run.

However, do not fall into the trap of believing that all playground injuries are so easily overcome. The reality is that many serious and even fatal injuries happen every year.


Two of the biggest reasons for fatal injuries are strangulation and head injuries. For instance, the ropes and chains used to hold up a common swingset could put your child in danger of strangulation if he or she becomes entangled. One mother told the story of watching her son fall off of a ladder from roughly six feet high, hitting his head on a metal bar on the way down. One mistake can turn fatal. Roughly 15 children die from these incidents every single year.

Hundreds of Thousands of Injuries

Even if your child does survive the accident, emergency care may be needed. Keep in mind that there are over 200,000 children who wind up in the emergency room annually because of playground injuries alone. The most common reason for the trip is a broken bone, but concussions, lacerations and many other injuries also play a role.

Preventable Injuries

Experts do note that a lot of these incidents are preventable. They never need to happen. Parents do what they can, but they have also called for the implementation of federal playground safety standards to iron out clear dangers. Safety equipment could include things like cushions so that children who do fall at least don't land on concrete or gravel.

Child Injuries

Has your child suffered an injury on the playground? If so, be sure you know all of your legal options.