Driving a car is a skill, and it's certainly something you get better at with experience. Inexperienced drivers make mistakes and cause accidents every day.

That said, many experts point out that attitude is often an even bigger problem than skill. If people change the way they think about driving, could they prevent a lot of these crashes?

Respecting the Machine

The first thing people need to do is to develop a healthy respect for the machine. Many people feel nervous around power tools and heavy machinery, but they think nothing of hopping in the car. The reality is that a car is a very complex machine, it weighs 3,000 pounds or more and it can drive at speeds that will easily kill the driver, passengers and anyone else involved if there is a sudden collision. This isn't to say that people should be afraid to drive, but focusing on the reality of the situation can help them take that risk seriously.

A Mature Outlook

Drivers, and especially younger drivers, also just need to take a mature outlook and agree to drive carefully, putting safety first. Many people cause avoidable accidents not because they were never trained or because they don't know what to do, but because they don't commit themselves to doing it.

For instance, a driver who crashes a car while drag racing at 100 miles per hour down a city street still had to pass driver's training. He or she knew that driving that fast was dangerous and illegal. All of the training in the world can't prevent that accident until the driver simply acknowledges that this reckless mindset is dangerous.

Continuing Car Accidents

As long as people have the wrong attitude about driving, car accidents are going to continue. Those who get injured need to know all of the legal options they have.