As summer comes back around, you cannot wait to get out on the water. You love boating, you grew up on the water and you take your family out every year so that your children will have the same experiences you did.

Unfortunately, boating also carries a certain level of risk. Accidents and injuries happen all year 'round in some parts of the country, while spiking in summer months in other areas. Below are a few common reasons for injuries so you will know how to proceed safely.

The Ignition Safety Switch Is Not Connected to the Driver

Many types of watercraft have safety switches that are supposed to be connected to the driver, most often on that person's wrist. For instance, this set-up is very often used on a jetski. If the driver falls off, the craft stops automatically. Ignoring this safety device means a craft can go out of control.

There Are Too Many People in the Boat

Like an elevator, a boat has a weight limit. Make sure you know what yours is. Do not pack too many people on the boat, which can increase the odds of a serious accident and may make even minor accidents more likely to result in injuries.

People Do Not Know How to Ride Safely

Rather than sitting safely on the seats, they sit on the gunwales or dangle their legs over the side of the boat. Others decide to stand up, especially in the front of the boat.

Boaters Go out in Bad Weather

Accident and injury odds skyrocket on choppy seas and in poor weather conditions. Many people still try to go out, perhaps because they drove all the way to the lake already or because this is their one weekend to get out on the water. They take chances in small craft that are not designed for difficult weather conditions.

Negligent Boaters

Were you or your family members injured due to another boater's negligence or reckless behavior? If so, make sure you understand your potential rights to financial compensation.