You don't think of yourself as a criminal. You've never robbed a bank or committed a murder. You're a kind, law-abiding citizen.

Are you really, though? Below are a few illegal things you've probably done already. Take a look and see if the police should be knocking on your door.

Throwing Away Someone Else's Mail

You can't open another person's mail. You can't throw it away or destroy it. Doing either thing is a federal crime. But, when you move into a new home or apartment and the last resident's mail keeps coming by mistake, you've probably just started tossing it into the trash.

Tax Fraud

There are legitimate work expenses that you can write off, but maybe you got a bit carried away. You started claiming all of your expenses, or you lied about how you used your vehicle, or you overestimated how much you really spent. If you did it intentionally, it may be tax fraud -- though accidental mistakes, while negligent, may not count as fraud.

Playing Poker for Money

Poker nights are just for fun. You sit around with your friends, drink a couple of beers, eat some chips, talk about work and see what cards you're dealt. Money is involved to raise the stakes, but the game is just casual, right? Maybe, but you also may be breaking gambling laws by playing for money.

Online Piracy

Piracy is still very common on the internet. Maybe you didn't want to wait for that new movie to come to Netflix, so you just found a site where you could watch it and download it. You think it's a victimless crime that can't be traced or maybe you think it's not illegal because everyone's doing it. However, there are strict laws against stealing digital property.

Your Defense

As this shows, criminal activity is often more common than people think. If you're arrested for breaking a law you didn't even realize you were breaking, make sure you know about all of your defense options.