Injuries can happen in any occupation. All employees are potentially at risk, especially when dealing with negligent business owners and supervisors.

That said, the construction industry is notoriously dangerous. It contains hazards you simply won't find in other occupations. Despite laws and regulations designed to reduce injuries and fatal accidents, they keep happening. Below are four critical ways you could be hurt.


Falls are a common threat because so much work is done at elevation. You could be injured falling from a roof, a second-story building or a scaffold. It's crucial to have the right fall protection gear on any job with even a limited risk.


Working on a construction site could mean exposure to dangerous mateirals, like asbestos, or to other harmful chemicals. Even when such things have been outlawed for standard use, the risk may remain. For instance, asbestos can no longer be used on new builds, but there is a risk when renovating an older home.


Construction machinery could injure, maim or even kill a worker in seconds. Tools like jackhammers, power saws and hydraulic presses are all incredibly powerful and that power must be respected. Workers are sometimes injured -- or they accidentally injure others -- when they grow so comfortable using the machines that they stop putting safety first.

Repetitive Motions

Doing the same thing every day may not lead to an instant injury, but that type of work can cause serious wear and tear on your body over time. These repetitions can lead to issues with joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Workers need to have the proper equipment and they need to know how to reduce the stress on their bodies.

Serious Injuries

Have you been hurt on the job? You may be facing lost wages, high medical bills and significant occupational changes. Be sure you know your legal rights.