Your marriage ended quickly, but you haven't given up on the idea of marriage altogether. You want to get married again. Can you do it right away?

It all depends on where you live. Some state have legal waiting times that you must adhere to, keeping you from getting a marriage license too soon after ending a previous marriage. Others have no restrictions at all. Below are a few examples to help illustrate how this works.


You can remarry in Alabama, but you need to wait roughly two months. The official waiting time is 60 days.


Kansas is also going to make you wait, but only half as long as Alabama. The waiting time is 30 days.


The law is set by counties in Massachusetts, and the waiting time varies dramatically from one to the next. Some have no waiting time at all, while others make you wait for 90 days.


Nebraska has one of the longest waiting times in the United States. After a divorce, you cannot get married for six months.


Texas opted to use a similar law to the one used in Kansas. Again, the waiting time is 30 days.


Wisconsin is the other state with a very long wait time. It is set at the same six months that you'll find in Nebraska.

Shorter Wait Times Without Divorce

It should be noted that there are even smaller wait times for those who did not recently get divorced. In many states, you have to wait between 24 hours and six days to get married after applying for the license. Don't put it off until the last second.

Your Rights

While it may feel like you should have a right to do whatever you want within your personal relationships, that's often not the reality. Make sure you understand the marriage and divorce laws in your state.