While snow and ice certainly increase the danger on the highway, some experts have gone so far as to call fog the most dangerous weather condition for drivers. Visibility is massively reduced, dramatically increasing the odds of an accident, and fog can often come out of nowhere. You know to slow down on the ice, but should you also slow down in foggy weather?

Pros and Cons

Some experts claim that you should slow down, and they maintain that you should even stop your car if the fog is so bad that you can't see at all.

There's an obvious risk here, however. What if you slow down, but the driver behind you does not? You may not hit anyone, but you're in serious danger of being hit yourself.

That's why, if you do have to stop, you should get your car completely out of any travel lane, driving off onto the shoulder as far as you can. If you have to slow down, always keep one eye on the mirror so that you'll have some warning if another car comes hurdling out of the fog.

The Bigger Issue

The real problem is that everyone does not react to fog the same way. Some people slow down, while others keep cruising along at the same speed, arguing that if no one slowed down there wouldn't be a problem. When everyone reacts differently, that's when accidents happen. It would be safest if everyone reduced their speed to a safe level, watched their mirrors, and kept a sharp eye out ahead until the fog lifted or they drove through it.

Car Accidents in the Fog

Of course, if getting everyone to drive the same way was easy, we could cut back on the vast majority of car accidents in the United States. People are bound to take risks and make mistakes. That happens even when dangerous weather conditions can cause a serious accident. If you get hurt, make sure you know your legal rights.