The car accident comes out of the blue. One minute you're simply driving down the interstate, heading home from work. The next minute, a car on the other side goes out of control, sails through the median, and hits you. There was nothing you could do to avoid it, but now you have two broken legs and you're going to be out of work for a while.

At a time like this, it may be important to consider all of your rights to compensation. While this can start with your direct medical bills, it may also include lost wages. Below are three different areas to consider.

Actual Wages

This is the direct money that you lose. Maybe you make $20 per hour, for instance, and you work 40 hours per week. You're out for six weeks. That means you're going to lose $4,800 in wages while you heal. Without that money, it may prove impossible to pay your bills, so getting compensation is crucial.

Lost Compensation

Lost compensation may look at things other than wages that you'll miss out on. For example, maybe your bonus system at work is based on sales. You were close to earning the top bonus as the best salesperson in the office. You have no chance now; everyone is going to pass you in the next six weeks. You'll wind up with a smaller bonus or none at all.

Lost Earning Capacity

This term is used to refer to future wages that you would have earned but no longer can. It could be the result of lasting injuries or disabilities. Your overall earning ability is decreased. For instance, maybe you're going to lose your job for $20 per hour because it's too labor-intensive for you after the crash. The only other job you can get pays you $15 per hour. You're now actively losing $5 dollars per hour every time you go to work, through no fault of your own.

Complete Compensation

Be sure you consider all financial losses after a car accident. Leave nothing out and make sure you known your rights.