Children tragically die every day in the United States. Some are in car accidents, some pass away swimming in the family pool, and others contract diseases. The third leading cause of death in the United States, though, is quite simple: guns.

The Study

That's according to a study that came out recently in Pediatrics. According to the data, about 5,790 children wind up in the emergency room annually after being shot. Just under a quarter of the cases -- 21 percent -- involve unintentional injuries. Each year, roughly 1,297 children pass away from these injuries.

The Top Two

So, if guns are third, you may be wondering what categories took the top spots. They're pretty broad. The top causes of death, the only ones ranking higher than guns, are illness or disease and accidents or unintentional injures. These could include both car accidents and drownings, for example.

The Data

The data that was used to find out that guns ranked third came from 2012 to 2014. A "child" was considered to be anyone who was 17 or younger.

The statistics also broke things down a bit further. For instance, a full 53 percent of the deaths caused by guns were deemed to be homicides. Another 38 percent of these deaths were classified as suicides. That left 6 percent as accidents or unintentional shootings.

Similar trends were found for gun-related injuries that did not lead to death. A total of 71 percent were classified as assaults, but 21 percent may have been accidents, as they were deemed unintentional. Just 3 percent of the injuries were cases of self-inflicted harm.

Post-Injury Compensation

Has your child been unintentionally injured or even killed in a gun-related incident? It's more common than many parents realize until it happens. If it does, be sure you know if you have a right to compensation.