You don't envy workers in construction zones. Not only do they have to work long, hard hours during the hottest days of the summer, but they're so close to thousands of vehicles that pass through every hour. It seems like a very dangerous occupation where one small mistake could leave multiple workers injured or even dead. So, who is in more danger, the workers or the drivers?

85 to 15

There is a significant amount of danger for workers, and this shouldn't be minimized. There's a reason that work zones have lower speed limits, strict laws, and plenty of cones and other traffic signals.

That being said, the statistics show that workers are in less danger than drivers. A full 85 percent of those who die in construction zone car accidents are either drivers or passengers in the cars that crash. That means that just 15 percent of those who are killed are workers. Moreover, of that 15 percent, only 25 percent die after being hit by cars.

Slowing Traffic

There are a few potential reasons for crashes in work zones, starting with the sudden slow down of the general flow of traffic. Even when there are plenty of signs and other indicators, this still takes some drivers by surprise. When traffic on an interstate comes to a halt, a driver who doesn't see it in time can plow into the back of the lineup at 70 miles per hour.

There are also other complications. Drivers may have to merge from one lane to the next. Lanes may get smaller. Drivers may look at the construction workers, the machines and the work they're doing, rather than really focusing on the road. All of these things can make accidents more likely.

Your Compensation

Again, this isn't to take away from the danger that workers face, but simply to illustrate that drivers and passengers are actually more likely to be injured in these accidents. If you are, you may want to know about your legal options to seek compensation.