Twitter Comments

There isn’t an area of our lives that social media hasn’t reached: relationships, shopping, travel, education, the job search, how your choice of colleges will play out, and everything else under the sun. However, social media is not always kind to those who post, which is evidenced by what happened to 10 students who posted offensive memes in a Facebook group.

College Admission Rescinded, Legal Consequences and More

A few days ago, Harvard withdrew offers of admissions to 10 students after they posted memes the Ivy League school felt were offensive. Social media can also have consequences in the criminal justice system. People have found themselves in court and facing charges of harassment, stalking and cyber bullying. Others have posted videos showing their participation in criminal activity. One thing that people may not realize is how social media posts can affect your personal injury claim.

Your Claims of Injury May Be Refuted by Defense Attorneys Using Your Social Media Posts

The hope of a personal injury claim is that the judge or jury will see how your life has been affected by your injury that was caused by someone else. The defense attorney is responsible for finding evidence that shows your life is not affected as badly as you say it was or not at all. They can do this in several ways, including interviewing your neighbors, employer and friends. Posting on a social media site about how much fun you had dancing at the club or how you mowed the lawn can provide the defense with just what they need.

Negative Posts About the Defendant Can Harm Your Case

Was part of the reason you were injured due to a person’s or company’s careless or reckless behavior? This can make you angry and you may take to social media to vent. However, this is not a wise idea, as it may be interpreted that you are out to make a quick dollar. The defense might exploit that even more and could paint you as someone who is “sue happy” or bitter.

Social Media Is Not Helpful During a Social Media Claim

There is little that social media can do to benefit your personal injury case. If you have been injured in a personal injury case, it might be best to forego posts updating everyone on your condition. Instead, speak with your experienced attorney about better ways to vent or talk about your injuries and the accident.