San Diego Football Injury

The dust settles after the car accident, and you don't have any cuts and open wounds. You were thrown against the steering wheel, though, a hard impact even with the airbag and the seat belt. You're worried that you have internal injuries. You may look fine, but you don't feel right.

Internal injuries are incredibly serious and can even be deadly, especially if they're not treated in time. Below are a few symptoms of internal bleeding to watch out for.

Feeling Light-Headed

You may also feel dizzy, and some people even faint. Remember, you're still losing blood, even if you can't see it. When your levels drop too low, you'll feel these symptoms slowly growing worse.

Swelling and Pain in Your Abdomen

This happens when the spleen or the liver are damaged. When the bleeding is located around these organs, the pain keeps getting worse. It's more than just a bruise that's going to heal on its own.

Purple Skin

In some cases, internal bleeding can resemble a bruise. The area of purple skin could be very large, though, as blood is lost and pushed toward the surface. This condition is known as ecchymosis.


One of the most dangerous places for internal bleeding to occur is on the brain. This can lead to serious headaches as the blood pools between the brain and the skull, and it can put pressure on the brain. There could also be bleeding within the brain itself.

Medical Care

If you believe that you are suffering from internal bleeding, even if you didn't see external injuries and assumed you weren't badly hurt, seek medical attention immediately. While this can be expensive, it's necessary and there may be ways that you can get financial compensation after the fact. Prioritize your health and get the help you need.