Breaking down car accident stats into averages doesn't always tell the whole story. Some drivers crash far more than others; you likely know someone who has never crashed and someone else who always seems to be talking about how they got into a wreck. Averaging those accidents out is clearly inaccurate for both drivers.

That being said, averages exist for a reason, and most people will fall fairly close to them. If you were wondering how often you'll crash, estimates show that it's just under once every 18 years.

How Many Accidents Will You Have?

You may have started out wondering how many accidents you're likely to have in your life, and this doesn't fully answer your question, but you can get a quick guess at any age. Remember to start the stats at age 16 -- or at the age you specifically pocketed your first license, if it was after 16. In the next 18 years -- by age 34 -- you should be in one crash. By age 52, you should be in another one. By age 70, you'll get in your third crash.

Of course, there are many factors that play into this. For instance, stats show that teens tend to crash frequently. You may be involved in two accidents between the ages of 16 and 21, but then never crash again. Until you turn 52, you'll still be no more than an average driver by the numbers, even though you haven't been in an accident in over three decades.

Safe Drivers

Perhaps you consider yourself a safe driver, and you've never crashed at all. Even if you never do, what you should know is that this just means there's someone else out there crashing more often than the average, statistically making up for your lack of accidents. If one of these unsafe drivers hits you and you're injured, it's a good idea to seek legal counsel to safeguard your rights and pursue a claim if applicable.