Back 2014, a 13-year-old girl attending school in Kaysville, Utah, was injured while using "drunk goggles.” The family of the teen filed a personal injury lawsuit against the school district for the injury suffered to her leg.

"Drunk Glasses” Led to Severe Broken Ankle, According to Court Documents

The googles simulate alcohol impairment and were used in the school’s health class. The teacher who was in charge of the class, when he was trying to teach the kids how badly alcohol can affect them, was apparently not in the classroom when the 13-year-old girl fell. She ended up breaking her ankle in many places.

Trust Account to Be Set Up for Injured Kid

According to a newspaper in Kaysville, the Davis School District will put over $61,000 into a trust account. Another $13,000 will be set aside for medical expenses and $25,000 will go toward legal fees.

Though the accident happened at a school, it was not a premises liability scenario, but a personal injury case.

Premises Liability Laws: What Is the Difference Between a Premises Liability and Personal Injury Case?

A premises liability case is where someone has been injured on another person’s property, where that person had a duty to keep the property free from hazards. An example would be where someone falls and injured his or her leg on stairs.

In a personal injury case, an example would be a bit different. A person who is drunk drives into your vehicle, causing you serious injury. The drunk driver would likely be held liable for being intoxicated and for injuring another person. He or she could face criminal and civil charges.

Fighting for Personal Injury Compensation in School Accidents

If your child has been injured while attending school, he or she may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. This type of lawsuit allows parents to seek compensation for a child’s medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages and more. A local, experienced attorney can help you seek the compensation you and your family need and deserve.