Have you ever wondered just what the odds are that you'll pass away in a car accident? Maybe you drive so often that you honestly don't think about it, knowing that accidents happen but simply hoping it won't happen to you. Maybe it crosses your mind every time you pull out of the driveway. Either way, here are some of the states where you have the best and worst odds.

Washington D.C.

Technically, it's not even a state, but you're safetest if you drive in D.C. The odds of being in a deadly accident have been calculated at just 1 in 32,322. In 2013, there were only 20 fatalities, despite the population of 646,449. Some of the reason could be that so much of D.C. driving is in the city, where accidents happen more but are less often fatal thanks to slower speeds.


Second on the list is Massachusetts, where the odds of being killed sit at just 1 in 20,530. There are far more deadly accidents on an annual basis -- with 326 in 2013 -- but the population is much higher, at 6,692,824. Raw stats always climb with higher populations, even if the odds remain good.


Mississippi is the second most dangerous state, when looking at deadly accidents. There were 613 deaths in 2013. That's almost twice the total from Massachusetts, but the population is just 2,991,207 people. That means the odds of being killed in a crash sit at 1 in 4,880.


Montana is at the top -- or the bottom, depending on how you look at it -- of this list. It's the most dangerous state in the nation, with its wide open spaces and far more miles of freeway driving than city driving. The entire population of the state is a mere 1,015,165, but there were 229 deaths in 2013. That means the odds of being killed are 1 in 4,433.

Compensation After a Deadly Crash

Knowing the odds may give you some idea of the dangers, but car accidents are still impossible to predict or fully avoid. If you have lost a loved one in a fatal crash you may be able to seek compensation.