Your wife is in labor, you know that you both need to get to the hospital immediately -- a few hours ago would have been best -- and you don't have time to wait for the ambulance. It all happens so quickly. You just hop in the car, floor it, and drive to the hospital as fast as you can. You're not going to get a ticket, right? Won't the police let you off because you clearly had a good reason to break the traffic laws?

Laws Still Apply

They might, but that's at the discretion of the officer. Legally, an officer can and still should give you a ticket, no matter why you're breaking the law. The only reason that some people get out of these tickets is that officers decide on the spot to let things slide. Don't assume you can drive as fast as you want, roll through stop signs, or run red lights.

Tickets have been given out in this exact scenario before. One man rushed his wife to the hospital and she gave birth just six minutes after they ran through the front door. Clearly, he had a very good reason to speed. He still got a ticket.

Police even knew what was happening because he called 911 to explain it after the officer flipped his lights on; he refused to stop and didn't want police to think he was intentionally running from them. The officer then drove in front of him -- he was going 102 in a 55 MPH zone -- to escort him safely, but still ticketed him.

The Accident Risk

When asked, police officials noted the high accident risk, saying the man put other people in danger by driving so quickly. They consider it reckless driving. They said he should have called 911 and then waited for the ambulance, which is able to break the speed limit in a safer fashion with the lights and siren.

If the man had been in an accident, he still could have been held accountable. When excessive speed leads to a crash, that driver can be liable, at fault in the wreck, no matter how good of a reason there was for that speed. It's important to understand how fault is determined and never to assume that laws can be broken, even for what feels like a valid reason.