If someone asks you to run an errand, do you think driving around for the afternoon will be fun and exciting, or do you just dread the boredom you know is coming? On road trips, are you quick to volunteer to have some fun and drive the car, or do you hurriedly climb into the back seat so you can read or listen to music, just trying to pass the time until you get there?

You may think these questions aren't all that important when considering car accidents, but some researchers disagree. They claim that drivers who are bored and who don't want to be behind the wheel are actually some of the most dangerous on the road.

Breaking the Boredom

People really don't enjoy being bored, and they do a lot of things to try to break it. Some talk on the phone, some listen to music, and some send text messages. Some buy food to eat, while others just daydream about vacations, work, sports or almost anything else. All of these things are distractions; these drivers are, after all, trying to distract their brains from boredom while going through the motions of driving. Distracted driving, though, can lead to crashes when a driver's mind isn't fully on the road.

What's more is that some experts believe drivers will attempt to break their own boredom by speeding. In some cases, this is done because they're rushing to get through the trip so they can do something more entertaining. In other cases, driving faster just makes it more exciting and alleviates the boredom. Either way, excessive speed can also lead to car accidents.

Injury Compensation

You may think that a bored, unaggressive driver is the last person you need to watch out for on the road, but the reality is that boredom is a real threat and increases danger. If you're hit by a driver who was speeding or distracted it may be time to look into your options for financial compensation.