When you're in an accident, it's the biggest part of your day, your week, maybe your year -- maybe even your life. For a tow truck driver, though, it's just one crash of many. One woman went to the scene after her daughter crashed -- the daughter was fine -- and talked to the tow truck driver, who was busy with his 8th car of the day. She talked to him about some of the things he'd learned from other people's accidents, and these are some of the tips he gave:

Cellphones Should Never Be Used

The tow truck driver said he saw many people crying at accidents, regretting that they'd pulled out their phone to send or read a text message. He suggested just shoving the phone in the glove box when getting in the car and leaving it there until arriving at the destination.

Drivers Who Honk Should Be Ignored

Obviously, drivers honking to alert you is fine, but some drivers just honk because they're impatient. He said to always ignore them. For instance, if you don't think you can make the left turn in time and the driver behind you honks, don't go for it just because of that driver. It's not his or her life on the line.

Never Rush

He said a lot of accidents happened because people were in a hurry, and he said drivers should never feel like they need to rush. The reasons feel very trivial after you're involved in an accident caused by trying to speed to something that wasn't terribly important when considering the consequences.

Accidents Aren't Accidents

The driver said this over and over. He said the name is misleading, because car accidents aren't really accidents at all. They all have reasons, and they could, for the most part, be prevented.

Seeking Compensation

These tips can help you drive safely, but that doesn't ensure everyone else will do the same. If you are involved in a car accident caused by someone else, you may be able to seek compensation. Be sure you fully understand your rights.