Hospital Injuries

Hospitals have to market to draw in patients, advertising their services and showing why they're better than the competition. These are terms typically associated with businesses, and they feel a little strange when considering necessary medical care, but that's the way modern hospitals advertise.

One thing that a lot of potential patients are wondering is simple: "If I go to the ER, how long do I have to wait?" Not only do they not enjoy waiting, but they want to know that they'll get quick treatment for urgent injuries. Hospitals will often put this information on the Internet, using social media to tell people about current wait times and draw them in.

There's one potentially huge issue with doing this, however: Doctors themselves
have said that wait times are inaccurate.

Different Measurements

One issue is that one facility may measure the "wait time" differently than another. Does it end when the nurse sees you in triage? Or are you still waiting until the doctor sees you? That makes a massive difference, as just measuring differently could make one hospital seem fastest when it's actually the same -- or slower.

Unpredictable Days

Another issue is that, try as they might, doctors just can't predict what's going to happen. As one professional put it, they could be running along quickly, with a wait time of 20 minutes. Just as they put that on social media, a bus full of injured commuters could pull up to the ER. In a few seconds, the wait time jumps from 20 minutes to 90 minutes. While there are trends and patterns, injuries are rather unpredictable by their very nature, so hospitals have busy days, slow days, short wait times and long wait times -- all within the same week.

Waiting Too Long

What you do know is that you deserve high-level care when you go to the ER, and you deserve it quickly. Injuries that are ignored can get worse, and some survivable injuries could even turn fatal if not treated quickly. If you've lost a loved one or suffered complications yourself because of delayed care, you should know if you have a right to compensation if the hospital was negligent.