One of the most challenging parts of being a divorced parent is coordinating your child's activities with your co-parent. For divorced parents who aren't on friendly terms, this can be particularly different.

Fortunately, there a number of web tools and mobile apps that help separated parents, as well as all busy moms and dads, keep track of the multitude things on their kids' (and the whole family's) schedule. Following are a few:


This app includes a calendar, expense module, journal and photo album. Parents can communicate without speaking to each other about their kids' extracurricular activities, visitation times, important school projects and more. They can also list reminders and notes about things like allergies, issues the kids may be dealing with and other things it's important for both parents to know. This helps parents be able to communicate on their own rather than require their kids to be the go-between.

Custody Junction

This tool includes a calendar that allows parents to schedule events up to two years in advance. It also provides reports on everything from child-related expenses to support payments to hours of time a child spends with each parent. In some cases, these may need to be provided to attorneys and courts.


This is a synchronized app that allows a separate profile to be created for each child to track schedules, expenses and more. It also allows parents to send alerts to each other or other family members to remind them about important events or the need to pick up a child if a parent can't. Updates are made in real time, so both parents have the same information.

Our Family Wizard

This web-based tool and app allow parents to include their custody and visitation schedules and parenting plans. It also features calendars that both parents and the kids (if you give them access) can see. The site includes links to legal and counseling professionals.


This app lets you sync your entire family's individual online calendar. This can be helpful as kids get older and maintain their own calendars. It also lets you delegate tasks like drop-offs, pick-ups and babysitting.

As you and your spouse work out a parenting plan during your divorce, you may want to decide which online tool would be most beneficial to you given your relationship and the needs of your family. Your family law attorney can probably offer some advice based on his or her other clients' experiences.