The cause of many injuries is often some failure of observation or risk prevention. A worker failed to see a slick spot on a tile floor where water had spilled, for example, or an employer failed to notice damage to a machine that needed to be fixed before the machine was used. However, experts often point out that the key to lowering injury totals is to look for the root cause. In many cases, the root cause of an injury is simply that someone was rushing.

Various Accidents

Rushing in the workplace is a serious concern. Workers are often late, trying to catch up, trying to reach production totals, and trying to stay on schedule. They may be trying to impress a boss, get a promotion or just keep their jobs. They feel pressure and they allow themselves to rush even though they know the risks.

However, it should be noted that rushing leads to all sorts of injuries and accidents, even outside of the workplace. Drivers who are in a rush often speed, tailgate, and pass aggressively, all of which can lead to car accidents. Landlords who are rushing may cut corners while doing maintenance, cleaning up trash, or clearing away snow and ice on the sidewalk. In almost any situation in which a person can be injured, the odds of an injury go up when the person is in a hurry.

Rushing and Fault

So, what you're likely wondering is how rushing ties into fault and liability. It differs from one situation to the next. The person who is rushing is not always at fault -- or, at least, is not the only one at fault.

For example, a driver who is rushing to work is at fault if he or she is breaking the speed limit and driving aggressively. A worker who is on the job, though, may claim that his or her boss is at fault if that worker was told to rush through a job or be fired, and the worker was injured while running or otherwise hurrying in the workplace. The boss enforced unsafe workplace procedures and even told workers to act unsafely or lose their jobs. However, the worker could be at fault if he or she was instructed to do the job safely, but the worker then rushed in an effort to impress the boss and injured someone else as a result.


We live in a very time-oriented society in which people are often in a hurry. When you are injured as a result, you need to know what rights you may have to compensation.