A hit and run can happen anywhere. Pedestrians are hit in crosswalks. Cars are hit at stoplights. Someone could pull into your driveway to turn around, hit your car, and drive off. But where are these accidents most likely?

According to one study, they're most likely when you're not on the road at all. The majority happen in parking lots.

Two-Thirds of All Hit and Runs

The study, which was carried out by Allstate Insurance, found that 69 percent of all hit and run accidents happened in parking lots. That's slightly over two thirds, looking at the national numbers. Naturally, some cities ran higher than others. For example, in Salt Lake City, the total was 73 percent. There were close to 300 claims filed alleging that the at-fault driver ran from the scene, and 216 of them involved parked cars.

Different Types of Accidents

It is worth noting that the study did accept minor damage, including door dings. Some cases were severe, though, with instances where cars where smashed and needed significant repairs.

Experts noted that the location of the accident often played a role in the type of incident. For example, they saw far more door dings and minor crashes at grocery stores, shopping malls, and big box stores. Serious accidents tended to happen in driveways and on residential streets.

They also said they were surprised there were so many hit and run accidents, since it's illegal in many places to leave the scene without at least leaving a note -- including Utah, where it's a class B misdemeanor.

Dealing with a Hit and Run

The costs connected to a hit and run are vastly different from one case to the next, and they're typically far higher in cases where injuries are involved than in cases where the only cost is property damage. For all types of hit and runs, though, you must know your legal options and how to deal with these infuriating and surprisingly common wrecks.