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Every single year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, injuries take nearly 199,800 lives. It's a slightly astounding figure, especially when you consider the fact that most injuries aren't fatal. How many people must be hurt each year if nearly 200,000 are killed by these injuries?

Higher Totals

The CDC does shed some light on the higher totals, as well. For example, for every person who passes away, 13 people are hurt badly enough that it requires an extended stay in the hospital. But that is nothing compared to the fact that, for each fatality, 135 people end up in the emergency room, getting treatment.

Where does that put the totals? Well, using those numbers, approximately 2,597,400 people end up staying in the hospital after being injured, and 26,973,000 people wind up in the ER. Add to this the fact that many people are injured and don't even go to the ER, but could end up getting care elsewhere, like from their own doctors.

Specific Injuries

Naturally, injury stats are not exactly the same from year to year, but the CDC does provide some general stats based on their current data so that you can see the reasons for these injuries. As you probably guessed, car accidents rank highly, causing 33,700 deaths and thousands upon thousands of injuries beyond that. Prescription drug oerdoses also rank highly, with 14,800 deaths. Among the elderly, falls are a huge issue, causing 2,791,000 ER visit per year. On the other side of the age spectrum, around 325,000 kids end up getting treatment for concussions when they are playing sports and doing other recreational activities.

Compensation and Financial Costs

These may just be a few highlights, but they really do show how dangerous unintentional injuries can be. There may be nothing at all that people can do to avoid them, but the costs can be enormous. That's why those who are injured -- and the families of those who are hurt so badly they pass away from their injuries -- need to know if they can seek out financial compensation.