Personal Injury Tips for Your Car Accident Case

You typically don't intend to spend a lot of time in your hotel. It's just a place to sleep while traveling or staying to see area attractions. That being said, if you're hurt in the hotel, it can become the single most important location on your trip in a split second. Below are a few key things to know about hotel injuries.

Slip and Fall Injuries: The Most Common Accidents

More often than anything else, reports show that people are hurt because they slip and fall in the hotel. This is true both for people who work at the hotel and those staying there. Though not as common, other injuries include illnesses from food, being struck by items, being injured by defective products, being hurt by chemicals, and being injured by security.

Where These Falls Happen

The hotel pool isn't the only place where a slip and fall accident is a risk. People also fall often on stairways, on landings, on balconies, in parking lots, on ramps, and in the shower.

Questions to Ask

So, what should you do if you're hurt in a hotel? First off, start by asking these questions:

  • Was there proper lighting in the area?
  • Was there a non-slip surface on the floor?
  • Were there handrails, guardrails or other expected safety features?
  • Did weather conditions factor into the accident? For example, if you slipped on a sidewalk or a ramp that was covered in ice and snow, that could be very important if no one made any effort to clear the snow away.
  • Did maintenance issues influence the accident? This could include things like a loose handrail, a leaking pipe, or a broken step.

Hotel Injury Compensation

Remember, when you pay for a hotel room, you have a right to a safe space that has been properly maintained. If negligence causes you to be hurt and that right is violated, you may be able to seek financial compensation.