Money and Gavel

In 2012, a couple was headed south on Interstate 25, just south of Castle Rock, Colorado. A motorist pulled out in front of their vehicle from an emergency median crossing. The resulting injuries were life-altering.

Woman Sued Driver, Seat Belt Manufacturer, Others

The couple’s vehicle flipped several times after it was struck. As a result of the accident, the woman has lost the use of her legs and partial use of her hands. She sued Takata Corp., which is also being sued for defective airbags. However, for this accident, Takata was found not to be liable for the defects in the woman’s windshield. The woman also sued the driver of the other vehicle and the manufacturer of the seat belts.

Jury Sends Message with Award

The woman’s attorney was pleased with the jury’s verdict, which was $52 million. The deliberations only took 8.5 hours. The jury awarded the woman exactly what her attorney had asked for. He said, “I am grateful for the jury rightly recognizing the severity of the accident and injuries and compensating my client to the full extent of the law.”

The driver of the car, according to the jury, is responsible for 50 percent of those damages. Takata, which was deemed not liable by the jury, would walk away owing nothing. However, the automobile companies, AGC Automotive out of Belgium and Honda Motor Company, were found to be liable.

Is There a Cap on Medical Malpractice in Colorado?

The amount the woman was awarded may still get smaller, though. Colorado has a cap of almost $500,000 on personal injury cases. It is not yet known if this case should be subject to the cap. However, it is believed that the $52 million jury award is the largest in the state’s history.

Have You Suffered a Personal Injury Loss?

When you are injured or a loved one is killed because of a negligent driver, it’s important to focus on other possible defendants, too. An experienced attorney can help ensure everyone who is liable is listed as a defendant.