Motorcycle Accident

Ever feel like the highway isn't designed as well as it could be? Maybe that curve is too sharp, or that on-ramp is too hard to use, or that pole was constructed precisely in the worst place possible.

Don't write it off as just the frustrations of being on the road. You very well may be right. According to a study that lasted 18 months and was released in 2009, poor design and bad road conditions are involved in about half of the deadly accidents every year.

A Stunning Impact

The results of the study are a bit shocking, as it claims that drunk driving, speeding, and ignoring seat belts don't even contribute to as many fatalities as road conditions. For the sake of comparison, the study said alcohol brought about $130 billion in annual accident costs, people not wearing seat belts clocked in with $60 billion, and speeding brought on another $97 billion. Highway design and maintenance issues, though, were found in 22,000 of 42,000 fatalities, and the full cost of those accidents was $217.5 billion per year.

It is important to note that multiple factors could all be involved in the same deadly crash. For instance, a drunk driver could be speeding without a seat belt on and then run into a roadway design flaw, triggering a deadly accident, and it would fit into all four categories at once.

Suggested Fixes

The study did touch on some suggested upgrades to fix the issue. Shoulders could be widened, for instance, as could bridges. Light poles and signs could be designed to break away when hit. Crooked roads could be realigned and straightened. Some fixes have been made over the years, such as the addition of rumble strips in many places.

After a Deadly Wreck

Have you lost a loved one in a deadly accident that you believe was caused by negligent road design? As you can see, this is much more common than most people realize. You'll need to know what legal rights you have to seek compensation after the tragic crash.