You know you're supposed to drive under or at the speed limit, and you may even assume that you'll never face a speed-related ticket as long as you're under that posted maximum. This is not always the case, though. In reality, you can be ticketed in many states for driving too slowly. Some states call this a "slowpoke law." If you're in the left lane, or the passing lane, you have to move over to let cars behind you go by. If you don't, you could be ticketed and fined, with some fines even reaching a max of $1,000.

You may be thinking this is a pointless law. Aren't you making the roads safer by going slowly? After all, speed is often linked to accidents, so you're certainly not raising the risks by keeping your speed down, right?

Awkward Passing

The reason for the slowpoke laws, though, is that you can force drivers to awkwardly change lanes in order to pass. A driver may come up behind slow-moving vehicles, switch to the left lane to pass, then suddenly have to switch back to the right lane to pass you if you're also going slowly in the opposite lane. Changing lanes is potentially hazardous, so authorities would like to keep slow traffic on the right and fast traffic on the left, reducing accidents from drivers who don't use signals, don't check their mirrors, or merge into cars in their blind spots.

Road Rage

Driving slowly in the left lane is also illegal because it can lead to road rage. Drivers can get stuck behind two slow-moving cars that are driving side by side, taking up the entire road. This can cause backups and infuriate drivers. In fact, one poll found that people who blocked the left lane were the second-most frustrating thing for other drivers; they were tied with tailgaters for that honor.

Naturally, if another driver has road rage and causes an accident, that driver is responsible for his or her actions. However, the link between hogging the left lane and road rage is so strong that the authorities have been trying to eliminate it, which is why you can be ticketed just for driving slowly -- even if you think you're keeping people safe.

Left-Lane Wrecks

Have you been in an accident caused by someone else's unsafe driving practices, whether that means road rage, unsafe passing, or breaking the left-lane laws? If so, you need to know what rights you may have to financial compensation for any injuries.