5 Helpful Tips for your Personal Injury Case

As a parent, perhaps your primary goals are to keep your children healthy and happy. You strive to do this every second you are with them, but what about when you're not around? Many children spend the majority of their time during the day at school, and there is always the risk of injury before they get home for the evening.

Common Injuries

Injuries can happen in a multitude of ways. A child could slip and fall down the tile stairs while rushing to class. Children could be injured during games in gym class or at recess. According to Health Grades, backpack-related injuries are also common. Students who have to carry heavy bags day after day could have back problems, shoulder issues, and neck pain.

On top of this, when looking at injures on the playground alone, it's clear that the risk is high. Kids who are 14 and under go to the emergency room 200,000 times per year for lacerations, sprains, fractures, bruises, concussions and joint dislocations. These can happen when climbing on playground equipment or playing rough games with other children. Even seemingly safe games, like jumping rope, can be a threat. And this statistic just takes into account children who end up in the ER. Many more are hurt and don't get rushed to the hospital.

Questions to Ask

So, if your child was hurt, there are some key questions to ask to find out if the school was liable. Were children allowed to participate in obviously unnecessarily risky activities? Were adults on hand to supervise and protect the children? Was the school negligent in maintenance and upkeep, leading to the injury? These are just a few of the questions you'll need to have answered to see if you have a case.

Your Rights

Even with insurance, injuries to your child can be expensive -- not to mention emotionally traumatizing. Makes sure that you know what rights you may have to compensation.