Serious Head Injury

Many damages that you can seek after an injury are fairly easy to define. If you break your leg, get emergency treatment and spend a few days in the hospital, you can add up all of the bills and claim that you need compensation if someone else caused you to break your leg through action or negligence. Direct compensation for these costs can be fairly straightforward.

However, it's important to remember that there are also more obscure things you can seek compensation for. Don't overlook these, even though exact monetary values are a bit harder to set. Two examples include loss of enjoyment of life and disfigurement.

Loss of Enjoyment

Your loss of enjoyment in your own life simply means that that life is forever changed by the accident, tearing you away from hobbies you used to enjoy and things of this nature. For example, perhaps you're a musician and you've played the violin since you were six. It's very important to you, even though it's not your job. Because of a hand injury, you lose the ability to ever play again. You may be compensated for this drastic change to your life.

This is merely one example, but there are many ways your enjoyment of life can be diminished. Maybe you're in constant pain. Maybe you can't play with your kids or grandchildren. Maybe you can no longer travel and are confined to the house. Even when medical expenses are taken care of, you've still lost something because of this new condition.


Being disfigured can lead to things like an inability to work; if your hand had to be amputated and you were a construction worker, that could be the end of your career. Typically, though, you can seek compensation for that change with regard to being disabled and losing current and future wages.

When suing over a disfigurement itself, you're typically looking at something that changed your appearance, and the knowledge of that change has led to mental anguish. For example, extensive facial burns could make you embarrassed about the way you look, they could make it hard to meet new friends or romantic partners, and they could make you self-conscious about going out in public. You may be able to seek compensation for your mental anguish along with medical costs, lost wages, and all the rest.

Total Compensation

As you can see, there are many areas to consider after an injury. Be sure you fully look into all of your options for complete compensation.