Weird Laws

Though some states may have more weird laws than others, never assume that strange legislation is specific to only a few areas. The reality is that there are some weird laws all across America, from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Below are just a few examples.

You Can Tear Off Those Mattress Tags in Colorado

Everyone has seen the mattress tags saying you can't tear them off, even after you buy it. Well, people in 49 states may be criminals (for having removed them), but not those in Colorado. They specifically passed a law making it legal.

Don't Shave the Dog and Sell His Hair

You can get your dog groomed in Delaware if you want, but don't even think about selling the hair. That is expressly illegal. The upside, if looking for a new toupe, is that you know none of the wigs were made with dog hair.

Use Real Milk in Hawaii

If you're making someone a milkshake in Hawaii, it had better be made with real milk. Unless you warn the person first, it's illegal to use any type of imitation milk. If you warn them, though, then you can use whatever you want.

Don't Dye Your Animals

Think your new baby chickens would look cute if they were dyed blue or pink? Don't do it in Kentucky. In this state, it is illegal to dye chicks and ducks -- which would no doubt make Chandler and Joey very happy (for those familiar with this "Friends" episode on TV). It's also illegal to dye bunnies.

Drunk Drivers Get Normal License Plates

In New Jersey, you can get personalized license plates for your car, but only if you don't have a DUI on your record. If you do, you have to get normal plates. If this actually deters drunk driving, vanity plates must be more popular in New Jersey than they are anywhere else.

Learn the Laws When You Move

People move around the country now more than ever, and these laws show why it's important to learn the local laws whenever you move to a new state. You're not going to expect all of them, and you could accidentally face charges for something that was completely legal where you used to live. Don't take anything for granted and do your research before packing your bags.