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The roller-coaster ride of fantasy sports laws in New York continues to churn on. Last year, the attorney general said that daily fantasy sports -- often used in connection with the National Football League -- were against New York's anti-gambling laws. Sites like FanDuel and DraftKings were told to stop taking players from New York. Eventually, though, a new law was passed in the state -- called S 8153 -- that said the fantasy sports games were not games of chance, but of skill, which made them legal again.

The Newest Lawsuit

Now, however, a group of four citizens has decided to sue over this law. Essentially, they're claiming that the new law is wrong, that the games are games of chance, and that they're still against the constitution in New York. They've called the websites predatory and said they should not be allowed to operate within the state.

It's an interesting position to take, considering how that opinion was already legally overturned. This is the first time that the new law has been challenged. Those who drafted it said they expected this and wrote it so that this type of challenge would not be a problem, but now they'll get to find out just how true that is.

Negative Impacts

One may wonder why four citizens would take this position, seeing as how the public was largely angered over the old law that outlawed daily fantasy sports. After all, things like the lottery are still legal, and the state can earn money off of them. The new law sets it up so that the state gets a cut from the fantasy sites, as well.

The reason they're against the sites, though, is that the four individuals say they have been "negatively impacted by gambling." They say their goal is to protect people who are addicted to gambling or who are financially desperate.

The Ride Continues

For both those who enjoy playing fantasy sports and those who feel that they are predatory gambling institutions that should be shut down, this lawsuit will be very important to watch. It will help to reveal the strength of the new law and define what is and is not gambling within the state.