Weird Laws

One common complaint when new laws are passed is that the government is doing too much. Do they really need little laws for seemingly trivial or inconsequential things, such as what time a local cinema may play movies? If you've voiced or even thought these complaints, you'll be surprised to find that there are some really odd state laws governing things that may be best left alone.

No Morning Movies

First off, movie times are restricted in New Hampshire. A movie can't start before two in the afternoon. While it makes sense that theaters would set their own time schedules based on when they wanted to be open, it seems a bit over the top that the government would have to legally ensure that no one watched a movie before lunch.

No Pinball for Kids

In South Carolina, pinball games aren't for kids. You have to be at least 18 to play. This puts pinball in the same category as buying cigarettes or joining the military. Why it is considered too dangerous for children is unclear, as most other states allow kids to play games if they so choose. Is pinball really that different than downloading a pinball app on your smartphone?

No Long Bingo Games

Right across the border, North Carolina also has laws about games, though these are about bingo. You can play it, which is great news for retirement homes across the state, but the game has to end in no more than five hours.

No Disguises in Church

In Alabama, fake mustaches have been legally banned in church, at least if they're so outrageous that they make people laugh. While this does keep order in church, it makes you wonder why this grooming law was needed and whether or not the separation of church and state should be considered.

The Reasoning

There are typically rational reasons for these weird laws, often tied to one single event that sparked change, perhaps decades ago. Laws about bingo and pinball, for example, could be tied to gambling. When these laws remain on the books indefinitely, though, it really shows why residents need to make sure they know all about the local laws, as there could be some that are rather unexpected.