Weird Laws

Looking to save a bit of money by hanging your clothes up on a line, rather than putting them in the automatic dryer? Whether you're paying for gas or electricity, it's definitely more expensive to use these devices than to use clotheslines and let the air do the work. In a hot state like Arizona, it may be as efficient either way!

If you live in El Mirage, though, be careful. You can be fined $350 if you put your clothes out on the line improperly.

Correct Lines

Though this law is sometimes reported as an outright ban, it's worth noting that this isn't technically true. It actually says you can use a line behind a wall, on residential property. If you do it anywhere else, that's when the fine comes into play.

The idea here seems to be that clotheslines are an eyesore, so the government wants them out of sight. If you hide them behind a wall on your own property, it's not a big deal. For most homeowners, that's easy to do and it's what they'd naturally do anyway.

Those most impacted, then, are people who live in apartments or homess without walls. They have no way to hide the clothes, so they have no options. They also can't string the clothes on lines between buildings or in windows. Some apartment complexes don't even have yards, let alone walls, so there's nowhere for a line to be used. If these people don't have any washers and dryers in their apartments, they have to go to the local laundromat.

Local Fines

Ignorance to the laws and city ordinances can lead to fines. You may be given a warning first if the officer really thinks you didn't know, but he or she is not legally obligated to do so. This is why it's so important to be knowledgeable about local laws so that you don't end up learning about them while paying hundreds of dollars in fines.