Prescription Drugs

The “purple pill” solution known as Nexium manufactured by AstraZeneca to treat acid reflux, stomach ulcers and other similar conditions, is the focus of a new lawsuit filed in Brooklyn last week. The complaint alleges that a man was prescribed Nexium for many years and developed a gradual loss of his kidney function.

Complaint Says AstraZeneca Didn’t Inform of Nexium’s Risks

According to the lawsuit, AstraZeneca didn’t advise either the man’s doctor or him of the potential risks that Nexium posed. Instead, the complaint says that the pharmaceutical company continued to say that Nexium didn’t pose any potential risks to a patient’s kidney.

The plaintiff’s attorney said that his law firm has received hundreds of inquiries about Nexium. The law firm is also looking over potential clients’ medical records. In addition, he believes that a multidistrict litigation is likely how the case will proceed.

AstraZeneca Says Nexium Is Safe and Efficient

The drug manufacturer maintains that Nexium is safe and efficient and in the statement released, the company said that they will “vigorously defend this lawsuit.” There have been hundreds of injury reports submitted to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration by patients who have used Nexium and other proton pump inhibitors. Over 15 million Americans were prescribed PPIs in 2013 and cost more than $15 billion.

Suffering From Chronic Kidney Disease Due to Nexium?

Nexium was touted as a drug to finally put an end to people’s acid reflux. However, it appears that the potential side effects of the drug are severe. The dosing information is a bit different from some other similar drugs. However, this would not relieve AstraZeneca from being liable to injuries to patients who filed similar lawsuits in New Jersey. There were three more of those individuals who filed suit in New Jersey.

If you are suffering and you believe it is due to Nexium or another PPI, then you may want to speak to an experienced, local attorney about how you can pursue compensation for the injuries you have suffered that you believe are connected to Nexium. Your attorney can provide you with more information.