Weird Laws

In Texas, there's a law that could cause traffic jams indefinitely on the train tracks. The law is only to be used when two trains come to a crossing and meet each other, heading opposite directions. If that happens, the law says that they both have to stop to avoid a crash, and neither train can keep going until the opposing train has already moved on.

Immovable Objects

The problem here, of course, is that neither train can move on before the other, as there's nowhere to go. They'll both wait for each other endlessly and the tracks will be blocked. It's unclear exactly when this law was passed, but it's been referenced since at least 1979.

An Unintended Law

According to some sources, the law was never meant to be passed. A senator who was against a different law tried to stop it by writing up a clearly absurd train law and tacking it on. He figured those who had to vote would see it, realize they could never pass anything, and vote down the law -- in the process, killing the law he really wanted to stop. However, his plan was undermined when no one noticed what he'd done and they all voted the law on through. If true, he was probably pretty shocked to find out that his pointless proposal was now state law.

Law Aren't Always Enforced, But Never Assume Anything

You don't really have to worry about breaking a law like this. Many of these rather meaningless laws are not actually going to be enforced. There would be little the authorities could do and any action would clearly be unjust. However, it never pays to assume anything about the legal process. You always want to know your rights and what options you have when accused of breaking the law, no matter how outlandish it seems.